Marie Poppins September 4, 2019

Let’s talk about shocking clothing lines! Fashion doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to blackface. Every year, it seems a new blackface controversy surfaces, with a new model at the center. This year, it was Gigi Hadid, who appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia sporting what some saw as a suspiciously dark tan. As BBC pointed out, many of Hadid’s followers were quick to point out her darkened appearance in the image, which was shot by Steven Klein. Others flat out called the image blackface. The criticism prompted the 23-year-old model to apologize. She shared a statement on Twitter along with a photo of herself post-shoot, with bronze makeup still on her face.

Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2000 Collection, “Eye”, Alexander McQueen presented his Spring/Summer 2000 collection in New York on the night of Hurricane Floyd. The show, entitled Eye, dealt with the theme of Western fears of Islam and many of the clothes in the show directly referenced traditional Islamic dress. The show was particularly controversial because it featured sexualized versions of the niqaab and featured models in burqas flying over a bed of nails that had risen from the floor during the finale.

Stefano Gabbana Defends Melania Trump, Time and time again, Melania Trump was spotted wearing Dolce & Gabbana looks at major events. And while other designers shy away from claiming responsibility when Melania wears their work, Stefano Gabbana did quite the opposite. He took to his Instagram account to praise the First Lady, a move that several fans of the brand were not happy with.

The Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016 show built up a whole lot of buzz well before the models headed down the runway. But not necessarily for a good reason: the show was held in the shadow of the Freedom Tower – once the site of New York’s Twin Towers – on September 11. Initially considered a pretty controversial choice of time and location for a fashion show, the fashion press was generally appreciative of the gesture. Givenchy’s Haute aesthetic was strangely of a piece with the scale, drama, and surreal quality of this memorial of public mourning. Not to mention it’s typically black mourning palette. And though it might not seem particularly respectful to use September 11th to sell clothes, its capitalist gesture was in keeping with the twin towers. Although still in somewhat questionable taste, the choice of setting and the collection itself were both praised by those who attended as a powerful and moving experience.

Another revolting clothing line is Headhunters Line, a very bold fashion line that already generated a lot of controversy. Sex, guns, shocking message, this fashion clothing line has them all. Read extra info at The worlds most dangerous clothing line.