Marie Poppins September 13, 2019

Self business selling and buying? There are several websites where you can sell your business or buy a working business. Businesses are bought and sold every day, maybe you want to enter a new market or you want to exit a market. Maybe you think your business will develop to a new level with another owner and you reached the ceiling of how high you can expand it. Let’s see some successful business deals and discuss a little about places where you can buy or sell a business.

Any business can be sold! Even websites, that are not really businesses, can be sold for a lot of money. Freakanomics, was founded by Stephen J. Dubner, in the year 2005 and was sold just two years after it was first created. Stephen was a professional journalist for the New York Times, when he started the blog, which was actually created after the huge success of Dubner’s book, which was also called ‘Freakanomics’ . The website was eventually bought out by the New York Times the sum of $8 million. The Consumerist, is yet another website which was developed by the Gawker Media Group, there doing quite well aren’t they? Anyway, Joel Johnson was the editor-in-chief although the site was originally the idea of Nick Denton and Lockhart Steele both of whom are highly ranked within the Gawker Media Group. They decided to sell the consumerist to Consumer Media LLC when they were offered around $7 Million. I think I may have sold for that price too!

Advices for selling a business: Finding the right broker and/or consultant to help you sell your business is crucial to your success. Often business owners go with the first person they meet just to list their business and get the process going. This can cost you time and money in the long run. Within a few months, you may see no results and have to go on the search all over again. Taking time to interview many brokers and looking at a realistic outcome of what is expected will get you going in the right direction. In my case, I signed up with the first broker I spoke with. He seemed like the perfect person to sell my business. After all, he had a background in retail (and that was my industry), he was friendly and best of all he came up with a BIG price tag. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true because he was asking too much. By raising the price he got me to sign the contract but never made the sale. After six wasted months without even a lead, I finally decided to move on. Learning from my mistake, I interviewed 12 more brokers before signing another contract. Read extra details at Find businesses to buy.

Flippa was the first-ever marketplace used for selling websites, and they’re still one of the best. With over 600,000 users, there are plenty of interested buyers to sell to and with the 5,000 online businesses and domains listed for sale every day, there’s lots of choice. Not only can you just buy and sell online businesses on Flippa, but there are other digital assets to choose from like websites, domains and apps. If, however, you’re just looking for online businesses to buy, check out their dedicated categories to Shopify and Amazon FBA stores to narrow down business listings from these particular platforms. Flippa also offers its own escrow service for secure payment processing, and they offer a free valuation service for sellers so they can discover what their business is worth. Flippa works hard to offer a seamless and high-quality service for both buyers and sellers on their site so if you’re looking for a lot of choice and a busy marketplace, Flippa is a great option.

Domain Magnate – Nearly last, but certainly not the least favorite, Domain Magnate is run by Michael Bereslavsky. According to an interview with Flippa he manages more than 100 websites and has sold websites for as much as $165k on Flippa. I signed up on Michael’s newsletter a year ago, and he sends new deals every once in a while in your inbox. Just like other premium brokers, Michael is interested only in serious buyers, and legitimate owners selling their businesses and websites. Here’s a word from Michael himself! “That interview is a bit old, currently, I have $418,710 in Flippa sales under my profile. Domain Magnate is a super seller and a verified broker with Flippa, we are also a verified partner with Escrow. Domain Magnate is different in that we mostly cater to sellers who are looking for quick deals and do not want to go through the lengthy processes associated with other brokers, and we buy directly, acting as buyers, often closing deals in just 1-2 days. Domain Magnate also act as a buyer-side broker, guiding first-time buyers through their first acquisition and helping them find the best deal based on their budget, requirements, and expertise, or helping established buyers find and buy websites according to their exact specifications.”

Bonanza, listed as “.the best eBay alternative we’ve seen” by Ecommerce-guide, underwent a name change in 2010 and went from ‘Bonanzle’ to ‘Bonanza’. Like Amazon, Bonanza has roots in Seattle. Their current revenue is difficult to find, however, we do know Bonanza has had two rounds of funding. Setting up a booth on Bonanza is free, as is posting your items for sale.but there is a percentage that goes to the site when items are purchased. Consumers will enjoy this site; the navigation is very simple to use. To the left of the image placeholder are four dynamic section links; above the placeholder is a navigation bar with three links and a search bar. The links are listed as “For Her”, “For Him”, and “For Everyone”. Hovering over these links produces a quick-link list with categories.

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