Marie Poppins October 3, 2019

I always wanted to write about indoor and outdoor top corporate travel agent in Mumbai. Go Team: It is a team building activity that takes the classic treasure-hunt into a digital dimension. The challenges that participants must solve are created to bring leadership, communication and a desire for excellence. Learn more about Go Team.

Funny T-Shirt: At the office or at a teambuilding event, the Funny T-Shirt concept will help you create a unique moment of recognition and appreciation among your colleagues! Participants will create a series of T-shirts using textile paints, which they will later give to their colleagues as a gift! Funny messages, artistic images, famous quotes or messages of appreciation, will make from this moment an activity full of creativity! Read extra details at Corporate event planner Mumbai.

Most events require a budget, and each expenditure needs to add value in some way. This is where you should be able to demonstrate the return from your company’s investment. Perhaps your awe-inspiring sculpture in the centre of the exhibition hall will act both as a symbol of the event’s spirit and as a central meeting point? This will make it easier for people to connect and do business at your event. Always addressing ROI will demonstrate your respect for the budget. Create a budget tracking sheet which sets out, in detail, your budget for each area and what you predict you’ll spend. You can also check supplier payment terms and look for discounts which can be noted within this sheet.

Team outdoor events provide a good opportunity for the team to relax. Located in the picturesque Sahyadri mountain ranges within an hour’s drive from Pune, Paradise Country Resort offers respite from the bustling city life. They offer a great unique “rural living experience” with their 4 distinct concept residences- the Kerala cottages, modern studio, log cabins, and Maharashtrian village house. To make it more exciting, there is also the option of renting tents and pitching them up in free spaces in the open air. It is truly an experience to be sleeping in the open under the stars. Your team can be engaged in exciting team building activities like rock climbing, rappelling, archery and rifle shooting. For a peaceful and tranquil time, you could even take your team on a nature hike or treks along the riverside. Paradise Country Resort provides plenty options for enjoyment and relaxation. Enjoy the indoor games of billiard, table tennis and carom or plan a pool party for your team complete with music and BBQ. It is a perfect place to unwind and have an exciting time.

Here is another top place for team outing activities. Another famous hill-station of Maharashtra, Panchgani has a classic old-world charm to it. A great place to live the colonial lifestyle by walking down manicured lawns and eating fresh strawberries. For those with an adventurous streak, there is paragliding. For those who want to enjoy some idyllic time, a visit to the Tableland is a must. Visit the Mapro garden to indulge in some jam and jelly-filled nostalgia. Camp overnight at the Camp Chesson and enjoy activities like rappelling, rock climbing, strawberry plucking and other outbound activities. Pay a visit to the historic Pratapgad fort and explore the legacy of the great Maratha warriors. Adventure, nature and a colonial charm surely make Panchgani a must-visit place. Source: