Patrick Moreau May 7, 2020

Victoria Redstall and the ascent of a criminologist: Victoria grew up in Surrey, (Southern) England. When she was 18 she moved to live in her favorite country – Spain – to work as a nanny overseeing six children. She also worked as a print model in Marbella (Spain) and saved enough money to be able to move and establish herself in America at the age of 19. She earned a scholarship to the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles and studied television, stage and film acting. Following that, she went on to study Broadcasting, Reporting and Journalism at Santa Monica College.

Following a childhood tragedy when close family friends were murdered by a mass murderer in England, Victoria Redstall has maintained a keen interest in Law Enforcement along with studying the mindset of the worst criminals whom they put away. Going on patrol for many years, with the LA County Sheriff Department, on the ground and in the air, it propelled her in to an additional career in law enforcement. When she was granted US Citizenship, Victoria then trained and passed the tests into the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. to become a deputy (with the goal to ultimately become a homicide detective). But due to the 100% commitment one must have to the LASD, she has currently put the process on hold so she can continue with her on camera, writing and producing career.

Writing books, reporting, being a correspondent, talking at Universities and producing shows for television on serial killers and other true crime. Fighting for the rights of the wrongly convicted (not serial killers). Those who are possibly ‘wrongly convicted’ of murder and also rape. Finding the truth in every situation without leaving a stone unturned. This is Victoria Redstall and i invite you to watch her story in today’s strange world.

To tune in on the web, please go to: and/or at 9am PST and 12noon EST. If you miss that time, it will be on again at 9pm PST and 12midnight EST. Guests are welcome to call in, Skype in or visit the studio to be a guest on the show. It is a show based on relationships and she will be interviewing interesting guests with incredible stories to share. “Victoria Redstall Saves The Day” launched in January 2015.

Being very much of a ‘people person’, Victoria also works numerous live events as an Emcee and Host. She will be hosting a radio show, launching in 2015, interviewing interesting guests and also people with relationship issues. She has a knack of understanding people from all walks of life and wants to bring back the ‘human connection/communication’ to this world which seems to be getting lost with laziness and modern technology. She is also a mentor for young girls teaching them to have high morals, values and self respect which seems to be out of fashion in the world today. Extra Victoria Redstall videos on Youtube.